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GASTROBACK® Portafilter Espresso Machine - 62626 Design Espresso Advanced Duo
Design Espresso Advanced Duo Item number: 62626
Dual-circuit thermoblock system: Dispenses espresso and milk foam at the same time Programmable portafilter espresso machine For all coffee specialities from espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino and American coffee to café crème
£ 629.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
GASTROBACK® Automatic Bread Maker - 62822 Design Automatic Bread Maker Pro
Design Automatic Bread Maker Pro Item number: 62822
19 programs for bread, jam, yoghurt, dough, cake, dessert, roasting and rice wine Own program with freely adjustable program phases Freshly baked 500g, 750g and 1000g loaves of bread For wholemeal bread, white bread, French Bread, sweet...
£ 109.90 *
GASTROBACK® Rice Cooker & Multicook - 62527 Design Multicook Pro
Design Multicook Pro Item number: 62527
8 in 1 Multi-function with pre-set programmes 3D heating system with several heating units Individually adjustable cooking time
£ 89.90 *
GASTROBACK® Toaster - 62394 Design Toaster Advanced 4S
Design Toaster Advanced 4S Item number: 62394
Electronically controlled: Always the same toast result Long slot toaster with extra long toast compartment (26 cm) Electronically controlled temperature sensor Automatic adjustment of the toasting time
£ 89.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
GASTROBACK® Wasserkocher - 42329 Design Wasserkocher Pour Over Advanced
Design Water Kettle Pour Over Advanced Item number: 62329
The set for a perfectly hand-filtered pour over coffee Gooseneck spout for an even flow of water Precise setting of the water temperature Free addition - Porcelain coffee filter (size 1x1)
£ 109.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
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GASTROBACK® Mini Ofen - 42815 Design Ofen Air Fry & Pizza
Design Oven Air Fry & Pizza Item number: 62815
5 in 1: Pizza oven, Hot air fryer, mini oven, rotating grill spit and dehydrator High performance air fry function - many preparation options in record time Multifunction oven with 22 L capacity and 3 shelves 7 functions: Defrost, Air...
£ 229.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
Air Purifier AG+ AirProtect Portable
Air Purifier AG+ AirProtect Portable Item number: 60101
ideal for allergy sufferers & asthmatics Removes up to 99.9% of COVID-19 viruses Ideal for offices and cars Particularly quiet (≤ 30 dBA, level 1)
£ 124.90 * £ 149.90 *
GASTROBACK® Table Grill - 42524 Design Table Grill Plancha & BBQ
Design Table Grill Plancha & BBQ Item number: 62524
Perfect BBQ enjoyment on two grill surfaces 1300 cm² extra-large grilling surface Two grilling surfaces, which can be regulated separately 2000 Watt power
£ 149.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
with Video
Design Hand Blender Advanced Pro E
Design Hand Blender Advanced Pro E Item number: 60976
With emulsifying attachment for fresh homemade salad dressings, aioli and mayonnaise High-performance hand blender (800 watt) made of stainless steel incl. measuring pitcher, chopper attachment, whisk, emulsifying attachment and a...
£ 114.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
with Video
GASTROBACK® Rice Cooker - 62518 Design Rice Cooker Pro
Design Rice Cooker Pro Item number: 62518
Asian cuisine like in the restaurant Automatic preparation of rice - no overcooking Natural contents of minerals and vitamins are retained Automatic switch-off, heat-retaining function and pilot lights 5 litres capacity
£ 79.90 *
Design Mincer Advanced
Design Mincer Advanced Item number: 61409
THE PERFECT BURGER MADE BY YOURSELF Professional motor (induction / 350 watt / max 1.3 Nm) Large rotary feed pan is made of stainless steel Digital display (indicating direction of rotation and power input)
£ 309.90 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
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